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Hide-It Holster----- $69.95 - For Holster Only.

Hide-It Holster will fit these guns and more:
All small 5 shot revolvers, 380s, 9mms, 40 cals, 45 semi-autos, all Glocks, XDs, and Sigs regardless of barrel length.

It will accomodate any J-Frame size revolver, and any semi-auto from a Kel-Tec or LCP size .380 up to a full size .45.

If your gun is similar to those that are listed, then it will fit in the
Hide-It Holster.
We cannot possibly list every gun due the number of them and the new ones that come out everyday, so if you are unsure please call.

NEW ITEM - Specially stitched versions of the Hide-It Holster to fit J-Frame size revolver only, or a K-Frame/Judge.

When ordering, please specify standard holster or J-Frame model, or K-Frame/Judge.

Available in right handed and left handed models. Black or Tan.

The Hide-It Holster pictured above is shown with one of the optional phone cases available. Not included in price of holster.
You can attach your own cell phone to the Hide-It Holster if your phone case or clip comes with a J-Hook.

If your phone case does not have a J Hook, see our Accessories page for a list of available phone cases
Not sure what a J-Hook is, click here.
If you are not sure which size phone case will fit your cell phone, e-mail or call us with the model of your phone
and we will help you find the one that fits.


We accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and PayPal.


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