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Kydex Reinforced Gun Belt - $79.95

Concealment Concepts' gun belts are made of two pieces of full grain leather sewn together with a 1" strip of Kydex between them. Kydex is a super strong, light weight thermoplastic, which is used by the airline industry for the walls and partitions on airplanes. The Kydex gives the belt enough rigidity so that it won't sag where the gun or other accessory rides, yet it is thin enough to remain flexible and comfortable around your waist. It also gives enough supoprt for an on the waistband holster, keeping the gun close to your body without having to cinch your belt up tight to prevent the gun from leaning outward.

The belts are available in black or brown, in sizes from 32" to 48". The black belts have a silver tone buckle and the brown belts have a gold tone buckle. Other sizes are available. Call or e-mail for price and availability.

To find the proper size belt, take an "honest" measurement around your waist with a tape meaure. DO NOT GO BY YOUR PANTS SIZE. Pants are usually sized smaller than your actual waist. Our belts come with seven holes, and they are sized from where the pin contacts the rim of the buckle to the middle hole. This will give your three holes in either direction to tighten or loosen your belt. The belts are 1-1/2" in width, and the holes are 1" apart.


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