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Grip-It / Pocket Pal / Wallet / Pocket Holster ----- $54.95
Picture for reference only. Gun not included with holster.

For Kel-Tec / Ruger LCP1 / Kahr P-380 - Separate model available for S&W Bodyguard .380

Originally made for the Kel-Tec .32 or .380, it will also fit the Ruger LCP1 .380, and Kahr P-380.
Other models available for the S&W Bodyguard with side button laser, or without laser.

Wears like a wallet......shoots like a gun. Can be used in any pocket.
Immediate access, and easy to shoot. This holster is designed to look like a wallet in your pocket.
The additional finger hole beneath the trigger gives you a better grip when firing, and the magazine release
button is recessed so that the magazine will not come out when sitting with the holster in your pocket.
The gun actually shoots above the holster, not through it, and does not conceal the fact that is a gun once it is drawn.
It is actually considered a modified grip, and therefore, it does not fall into the AOW category.
Complies with ATF regulations on wallet holsters
Available in Black.


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